The health benefits of spending time in nature at any age are undisputed. For seniors, it can be even more important because they tend to be more confined or have difficulty navigating the outdoors on their own. You can help by finding ways for your loved one to get outside, socially distance and enjoy the great outdoors!

Even if your loved one has physical limitations, the benefit they will receive makes the effort well worth it. In fact, research shows that being in nature can have a positive impact on the heart, immune system, mood and even brain function. Simply getting fresh air can be therapeutic!

Tips to help your loved one experience nature

  • Walk or drive to your local park to enjoy the plants and animals as well kids playing.
  • Visit a nearby public garden such as an arboretum or botanic garden to appreciate seasonal flowers and exotic plants.
  • If doable, hit the lake front—at least for a stroll or ride.
  • Find a forest preserve with a paved path to make walking safer or accessible for wheelchairs.
  • Simply sitting in the yard or taking a short walk around the block can go a long way toward helping your loved one feel better and rest easier.
  • Too cold or difficult to venture outside? Set up a chair near the window to watch the action outside, whether it’s passersby, birds, squirrels or just appreciating the weather. Try a simple bird feeder that can be attached to the window to see if you can get any feathered friends to visit.

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