Help your loved one get in the holiday spirit with some fun, meaningful Christmas activities that will bring back fond memories—and spark some new ones. Here are a dozen ideas that are easily customizable to your loved one’s capabilities and interests. But remember that your love and attention are the most valuable gifts you can give.

#1 Bake Up Some Goodies

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked goods hot out of the oven to put a smile on your loved one’s face. Bring out the cherished family recipes for holiday cookies or other treats and get cooking! Keep it simple or embellish with frosting, sprinkles, or nuts.

#2 Deck the Halls

Bring in some holiday cheer when you bring out your loved one’s Christmas ornaments—especially those with sentimental value. Ask them to share the stories behind the ornaments and the memories they evoke. If a full-sized Christmas tree is too ambitious for your loved one, purchase a small tabletop one or simply hang a few favorite ornaments around the house.

#3 Take a Drive

Cruise around the neighborhood in search of the best holiday display you can find. Turn your excursion into a treasure hunt and look for the tallest decoration, the most colorful house, the most elaborate nativity scene, etc. Then vote for your favorite!

#4 Send Some Good Tidings

Did mom or dad use to send dozens of Christmas cards every year but now find it too overwhelming? You can rekindle the tradition in a simpler way by helping them send cards to a select few. If they’re up to it, make some homemade cards together for their closest friends and family.


#5 Hot Chocolate Anyone?

The simple joy of a delicious cup of hot chocolate shared with a loved one on a cold winter day is hard to match. Spice it up with a cinnamon stick and some mini-marshmallows, and top it off with whipped cream. Then, get cozy and watch your favorite holiday movie together.

#6 Pamper Your Parent

Give your loved one a gift certificate for a massage or other spa treatment that they would enjoy. Some spas even offer specialized massages for seniors so do a little homework and find the perfect gift for your mom or dad.

#7 Spread the Joy

Have a holiday singalong with your loved one and other family members. Print out the lyrics to familiar Christmas carols to help your loved one remember the words. Go caroling at neighbor’s homes or invite friends over to join in to make it even more special.

#8 Light Up their Day

The holiday season is all about bringing light, so string a few colorful lights around the house to brighten up your loved one’s space. You can also gift them a flameless candle—a safe alternative to a traditional candle that will serve as a touching reminder of you when you’re not around.

#9 Make the Walls Pop

…with garland made from popcorn and cranberries! Stringing the chains is a great fine motor activity, plus you and your loved one can snack along the way. If cranberries are too difficult, you can substitute Lifesaver candies to make it easier.

#10 Focus on Food

Sharing a delicious meal with a close friend or family member can be the highlight of your loved one’s day—or even week! Whether you cook a nostalgic treat for them, order in from a favorite diner, or splurge with a gift certificate to an upscale restaurant, a special meal makes a wonderful Christmas gift for your loved one to enjoy.

#11 DIY for Dad—or Mom!

Let the creative juices flow and give your loved one a homemade gift from the heart. Not the crafty type? Take your loved one to a local art shop and let them choose something special, or if they can’t travel, let them pick an item out of a catalog or online.

#12 It’s a Wrap

Wrapping gifts, or even making wrapping paper, can be a fun activity for you and your loved one to enjoy together. If using tape for wrapping is too much for your loved one, simply wrap the presents loosely in tissue paper and place them in gift bags. To create your own wrapping paper all you need is white or light-colored paper, rubber stamps, and ink.

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