Grandparents treasure their grandchildren, and few things make everyone happier than spending time together. You can bring joy into your loved one’s day by facilitating special bonding time between grandma or grandpa and the grandkids. Help with the plan, provide the supplies or ingredients, and, if you can, disappear to give them the opportunity to bond! Start by making arrangements for your loved one to give these tried-and-true activities a whirl:

#1 Book It!

Turn off the screens and snuggle up together with a good book. Go to the library if possible to find your old favorites. Choose some fun picture books for the little ones, revisit a classic like Charlotte’s Web or Winnie the Pooh, or even dive into a series like The Magic Treehouse or Little House on the Prairie for older children. Take turns reading aloud to each other, and don’t forget that even non-readers can “read” familiar books to you.

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#2 Connect with a Recipe

Do you have an old family recipe or a go-to dish you love to make? Teach your grandkids how to take on the tradition and do as much of the measuring, mixing, cutting, and cooking as their age and skills allow. Then enjoy your meal or dessert—or both—together!

#3 Opposite Day

Turn everything inside out, upside down or backwards! The grandkids will love having spaghetti for breakfast, making pancakes for dinner, putting their shoes on the wrong feet, wearing their pajamas in the afternoon, and speaking in opposites. Invent the rules together and get as silly as you like!

#4 Pull Out the Old Photos and Videos

Take a walk down memory lane with your grandkids. Show them pictures of your childhood, what mom or dad looked like as a kid, and your favorite baby pictures of all the generations. Or, do a family movie marathon if you can. Share your favorite stories along the way to pass on your family history to the next generation.

#5 How Does Your Garden Grow?

If the season is right, head outside and plan your flower garden or veggie patch. And if gardening is physically challenging for you, just ask the kids to do all the digging! If possible, give them the responsibility of watering, weeding, and harvesting when the time comes. Wrong season to plant outside or too much work? Grow some easy indoor potted plants from seed and enjoy watching them grow.

#6 Get Crafty

Create something together—whether it’s a simple drawing with crayon, a paper airplane, a watercolor painting, or a collage with pictures cut out of magazines. Better yet, teach the kids a skill that you enjoy such as sewing, knitting, woodworking, baking, or anything that involves tools. They’ll love the power of learning a new skill and doing a “grownup” activity.

#7 Are You Game?

There are endless games to enjoy for every interest and ability level. Bring out the playing cards or favorite board games to share with the grandkids—or choose a game with no supplies needed. Try guessing games like “I spy with my little eye…”, “guess the mystery object” by saying warmer or colder, or the “ABC game” and try to come up with an object in the house for each letter in the alphabet.

#8 It’s Their Turn!

Let the grandkids choose their favorite thing to do for special one-on-one time with you.

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