When you are hiring someone to take care of your loved one in their home, your primary concern is that they are compassionate, trustworthy, patient and skillful in the role of caregiver. At first glance, it may seem that the simplest solution is to find an independent caregiver who will work for a low hourly rate.

Unfortunately, it’s more complicated than that, and there is much more to take into consideration. By hiring an independent caregiver, you become an employer subject to a variety of obligations like paying taxes and buying extra insurance. You need to worry about things like background checks, covering for sick days and making sure the caregiver understands your loved ones social, physical and emotional needs.

That’s why your best bet is to hire a reputable, licensed home care agency. They can take care of the details, reduce your stress and allow you time to enjoy your loved one and to focus on their well-being.


The advantages of hiring an agency


Simplifies your life.

A home care agency takes care of countless details that you would rather not worry about. They pay into the caregivers’ taxes, social security and unemployment insurance as well as carry liability insurance in case of caregiver injury. They also have replacement caregivers on hand in case of an illness or emergency.


Gives you peace of mind.

Most home care agencies are licensed and bonded and will provide background checks, reference checks and fingerprinting for all of their caregivers. They will also make sure that the caregivers are legally eligible to work in the U.S. And, their liability insurance will relieve you of responsibility if the caregiver has an injury.


Provides professional care.

A reputable home care agency will ensure that their caregivers receive certified training on a variety of topics and will oversee their caregivers’ job performance.


Home Care Angels is a fully licensed agency that provides in-home care throughout north and northwest Chicagoland. We offer a full spectrum of services—from hourly to live-in care—and personalized Care Plans supervised by a Care Manager who is available 24/7 for clients and their families. Please call 847.824.5221 to speak with one of our Client Care Coordinators if you would like more information.